Less admin


The stress of managing bookings!

Counting availability, making sure your centre is not overbooked, handling bookings over the phone or with parents when they pickup their little ones.
Plus all the rest, argh, it can be overwhelming!

With My Play Service, parents can easily make online bookings and online payments. Availability is automatically calculated, children cannot be booked twice or in the wrong age group, thanks to the system’s built-in controls. Of course, you can still make bookings on behalf of parents if needed, and you can also easily raise charges, such as late bookings, payments or pickup.

Online invoicing software

Say bye bye to long hours spent checking days attended or calculating sibling, weekly discounts or free hours entitlement in order to generate your invoices. My Play Service offers an online invoicing system, saving you up to two days a month! That’s an astonishing 24 days a year!

Automate admin tasks

Similarly to online booking and online payment, My Play Service automatically generates your daily register, counts the number of children booked under and over 8, and flags up any special requirements a child may have.